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Do I need a humidifier for my house?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

As temperatures plummet, humidity plummets as well. Our homes become a static nightmare and this can leave us suffering through the winter itchy, dry, and uncomfortable. Alas, there is hope! At CMC, we don't think you need to agonize your way through winter with itchy skin and staticky hair. We want to offer you a plausible and cost-effective solution - a whole-home humidifier!

What's the difference between the small ones and a whole home humidifier? Why should I get one installed? Will it help? Fortunately, we are here to answer your questions about humidifiers and figure out if they are right for your home and family.


Choosing a humidifier


Standalone or portable humidifiers maintain humidity levels in individual rooms. They are not meant to add humidity to your entire home and require more maintenance than whole-home humidifying systems. Standalone humidifiers require frequent refilling and cleaning to avoid issues with the small system. While a nice addition to an individual room, they are not ideal for your whole-home.

Whole Home Humidifier

Whole-home humidifiers attach directly to your HVAC system to control the humidity level throughout your home. They have their own water supply and require very little maintenance. You can simply adjust the ideal humidity level (40-60% relative humidity is recommended), and a whole home humidifier will deliver exactly what you need, distributing it through your home via your HVAC system.

What are some signs I could use a humidifier?

Unsure whether or not you could use a whole-home humidifier? Take a look at some common issues homeowners often have with low humidity.

1. Electric encounters - Are you shocking your family every time you come into contact? Static electricity is the culprit and adding more humidity to your home could rectify this problem. The humidity level in your home works to conduct the static charge away from you. Less water vapor means that your body can hold on to that static charge. Adding a whole-home humidifier

2. Cracks & damage to furniture & flooring - Any new splinters from your hardwood floors or antique chair? This is not uncommon in homes with low humidity. When moisture leaches out of flooring and furniture this causes it to dry up, crack and warp. Adding moisture with a whole-home humidifier can prevent flooring, furniture, and foundation damage.

3. Nose bleeds, dry skin & chapped lips - Your nose knows - listen to it! When the air is too dry your nasal passages dry up leading to congestion and nose bleeds. Dry air can also irritate those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, which is why a whole-home humidifier may be worthwhile.


Are you ready to live more comfortably?

CMC is ready to help! Give us a call or text today to set up a free estimate - 248.546.8800

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