Sewer Repair

CMC Plumbing, Heating & Cooling's technicians are highly trained in diagnosing your sewer and drain issues. Main sewer issues can be detrimental to the proper function of your sewer system. At CMC we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions to have your sewer system working as it should. From small spot repairs to complete sewer replacement, we can handle it all.

Most sewer systems in the state of Michigan are clay piping once they exit the foundation of your home. This older style of pipe deteriorates due to old age and can cause serious complications with the flow of your sewer. The clay material also has very weak joints which can cause separation or belly's in the line causing your main drain to hold water and solids. Not only are these old style pipes brittle, they have very weak joints that allow tree roots to penetrate the inside of your sewer, eventually stopping all flow of solids till the water starts coming up in your basement or toilets.


When we repair your main sewer line we use only the best quality materials on the market. Solid PVC pipe and underground heavy band fittings assure your new sewer system will last for years to come!

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Drain Repair

Older homes have older drain pipes. These pipes are usually made of cast iron and galvanized metal, both of which are susceptible to rotting and cracking. Cracked and rotted pipes allow water and solids to seep from the drain lines, washing away the soil and leaving large voids under your basement or slab floor.

Unfortunately, cracked or rotted drains will never fix themselves, and will only get worse if not removed and replaced. Most rotted drain lines go unnoticed, because the the drains will not back up. This is due to the water being able to escape from the pipe through the damaged areas.

When replacing drain lines today, PVC material is used in place of cast iron or galvanized metal. This material will not rot or corrode. 

How do I know if I have rotted or cracked drain lines?

One of the most common indicator of rotted drains under your basement floor include foul odor from basement floor or slab. Once enough water has escaped from the damaged line, pressure can build up under the slab or basement floor, making its way up through and cracks in the concrete

Above ground cast iron pipes can also crack and rot. Symptoms can include moist and soft spots in drywall covering the damaged pipe, visible cracks and calcium buildup. 

If you think you are having issues with a cracked or rotted drain line call us today and schedule an in-line camera inspection.  248-546-8800

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